Your Most Frequent Facility Maintenance Questions

From green cleaning services to pricing, we've got answers.

We believe that communication is the key to our exceptional maintenance. We don’t just provide the facility maintenance services we think you need — we provide exactly what you need. Here, we’ll try to answer your most commonly asked cleaning questions in ways that are easy to understand.

What makes your green cleaning services better than traditional facility maintenance?
The benefits of green cleaning over old-fashioned facility maintenance are many — and significant. The toxins that go into chemical cleaning products have been linked to a number of health deficiencies such as asthma, blood disorders and liver and kidney damage. It’s also well known that most chemical cleaning products carry cancer-causing carcinogens. So when it comes to keeping you, your employees and your customers as safe and healthy as can be, go green.

Are your cleaning services pricey? How do I know if CFM can work within my budget?
We understand that your business operates on a budget, which is why we tailor our facility maintenance services to fit your needs precisely. Before we begin, an executive management team member will walk your business’s floor plan, assess your daily traffic flow and design a maintenance program specifically for you. This allows us to direct our cleaning services exactly where they need to be — and saves you money in the end.

How do I know if my business is right for facility maintenance?
If you enjoy a neat and clean working space, you need facility maintenance services. If you want to be ready to impress clients and customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you need facility maintenance services. If you’re tired of always having to wait for factory technicians or general repairmen every time there’s a leaky faucet or burned out fluorescent bulb, you need our 24-hour on-call facility maintenance services.

If you want your business to run better, to operate seamlessly and to always shine, you need Complete Facility Maintenance.

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