The travel experience begins at curbside with comfort & efficiency...

CFM (Complete Facility Maintenance) specializes in airport facilities maintenance and janitorial services. From landside to airside, CFM provides responsive and consistent service departing and arriving travelers remember.

CFM's objectives are to prolong the service life of your income-producing assets and provide a comfortable, clean & convenient environment for passengers and employees. We know your business and have the expertise to support your operation on and off peak, during the holiday season and throughout inclement weather.

Let us share our expertise with you and your passengers.

Our Airport Services

Beginning of a Great FlightCFM offers complete facility maintenance management to operate, maintain and clean the entire terminal with an in-house service force of employees. Concentrate on your business and have CFM support your terminal operation with experienced airport maintenance and cleaning staff. That on-time departure is dependent on properly maintained conveyors and loading bridges. Passenger comfort begins with regulated temperatures in the departure area. And appearance makes a statement in itself: clean esthetics, illuminated spaces and sanitary restrooms.

Welcome BackCFM achieves all of this by means of airport experience, defining terminal service requirements and implementation of service programs engineered to meet the needs of the air carrier operation.

Clean and ComfortableDesigned to MaintainOngoing TrainingEquivalent SkillsSafe Work EnvironmentDiverse Work Force

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